Canada Provincial Nominee Immigration Programs

Almost all Canadian provinces have their own provincial immigration programs which have formulated policies to suited the province's particular needs. Quebec is the only province with has the right to select its own immigrants whereas other provinces have the right to nominate immigrants. Canada as a destination attracts considerable interest which far surpasses the processing capacity of most immigration programs. If approved for PNP, the immigration process take up to 15 months.

Provincial Nominee Program by Province / Territory:


Newfoundland and Labrador

Prince Edward Island

British Columbia

Northwest Territories



Nova Scotia 


 New Brunswick






How PNP program works:

  • Employers nominate a prospective worker under an expedited process. Once approved by the province, application for PRcomes under a processing stream that completely bypasses the lengthy federal immigration selection process.
  • Initially, employer-sponsored applicants could receive temporary, renewable, work permits, processed at missions outside Canada, or in certain cases, at ports of entry.
  • Applications for PR are processed by the provincial authorities and thereafter by the federal authorities for medical and security screening.
  • The skilled worker based PNP's require an employer to sponsor the application for admission to Canada (except Quebec, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba).
  • To qualify as a sponsored employee under PNP, the position being filled must conform to a National Occupation Classification skill level of O, A, B; or alternatively, must meet the terms of a particular pilot project designed for a specific critical skill shortage identified by the province.
  • Pilot programs within the provinces are designed for low skilled workers and are limited in scope. Most of the provinces have variations of pilot projects for low skilled occupations.