Canada Priority Residence Program (CPRP)

Current Canadian immigration policy offers temporary and permanent residence under more than 65 programs divided between the Federal and Provincial governments.

There are 11 skilled worker immigration programs in Canada including the Federal Skilled Worker Program and 10 provincial programs.  Each program operates under different criteria using a Demand Occupation List and a quota system. Each program gives the highest rank and priority to candidates who have a sponsor employer.

Although there are many programs for applicants to immigrate to Canada without a sponsoring employer, these programs are quota based and are offered with limited duration.

We provide candidates with an excellent strategy to prepare their qualifications for consideration under all Economic Class immigration programs that may become applicable during our mandate.  It may also be effective for the new express entry program the Canadian immigration authorities implemented in January 2015.  And since we provide strong employer sponsorship search consulting services, our program will represent an excellent back up plan in case the application for residence cannot succeed for any reason.

We offers two distinct strategies that we will develop together and which will operate concurrently. First, we will take steps to identify potential hiring employers. This will be important whether or not a sponsor employer is required. Second, we will prepare qualifications so that if a suitable program becomes available which does not require a sponsor employer, we will be in a position to submit the application as soon as practicable, to maximize the chances of qualifying under the program.  This will increase the likelihood of successful settlement in Canada.

If applicants delay the process and wait until the announcement or opening of a program with their occupation appearing on a demand list, it may be too late to submit an application before quotas are reached.

Identifying Potential Hiring Employers

We identify and contact potential hiring sponsoring employers for admission to Canada. First, we prepare a Canada employment resume in a strategic format and style that employers prefer to navigate. Second, we provide our Self Directed Employment search package comprising of 200 potential hiring employers containing their contact details in Canada. 

When a potential hiring employer in Canada contacts us, we will submit data to that employer for possible hiring. Naturally, we cannot guarantee positive employment results at any point during our mandate. But we will provide our assistance for a period of 24 months from hiring our services.

There are currently no quotas placed on the entry of applicants to Canada under a temporary residence scheme, with an approved sponsoring employer.

And once our client is working in Canada there will be many possible options to qualify for permanent residence under provincial or territory programs or the federal Canada Experience Class.

Canada's immigration policies are very restrictive. We guarantee our very best efforts.  We are confident that our services will provide you with the best chances to help you reach your objectives.


Job Search for Immigrants 

We provide Canadian employers with trustworthy recruitment and immigration services. Employers in a wide range of industries can directly benefit from our position as one of Canada’s leading online immigration firms in the industry to meet their recruitment and immigration requirements. If you are a potential applicant to Canada in any industry or employment sector please submit your confidential RESUME to us for our review.